Saturday, April 2, 2011

You Just Don't Have Any Idea Of How Much I Love You :')

Well, this is it. Finally, a post specially dedicated to that someone. She's not mine, Not my girlfriend, neither my relatives. But she's more than that. A bestfriend that is way more valuable compared to anyone else who can be mentioned. Yeah, NURUL HUDA is her name. Most of my friends surely know of how much i adore this Nurul Huda.

We knew each other since 16. At the Science Action Team programme conducted by Petrosains. I can still remember how i call her weird on the very first day ever of our friendship. But, she's cool. hehe. She is a very commited in doing her job or any other things that she indulged herself in. She will do her best in everything, near to perfecto, though its not perfect, (well, nothing's perfect right? ) .

I still remember on my 16th birthday when i hold a small party at my house. She did came to celebrate my birthday. I never wish for any present. But she did bring me one but she didnt tell me. when she's gone home, she asked me to look on my study desk in my room, and i found this cute and meaningful book placed on my desk. i checked it out and yeah, the contents do make me smile widely :) Thanks A Lot Huda

Turning 17, we both are busy with our studies, yeah, SPM is that very year before we're free from school. everythings going fine, we still meet up and chillin together though not as often as before due to life schedule.Summarised, SPM is then over. we get ourselves a job in Petrosains, the very first place that our friendship begins. Though we work in different dept, but who cares, we can always meet and lepak during work time. haha.

One fine day, at Mid Valley, Huda told me, she's thinking of accepting the offer to go to Egypt and study medical. She's in total dilemma at that time. And i encouraged her to go as this could be the first and the last chance of getting the experienced of studying in the overseas. She looks keen to go and i think thats the best for her. But still, she wanna go back and talk with her parents about it. I know she loves Malaysia and she had never thought of leaving Malaysia.

Time passes by, she enrolled herself in Kolej Matrikulasi Perak. But it doesnt mean that she'll be studying there and not to Egypt. Because she is just studying there for a couple of months before moving to Egypt. Everything was fine while she's still in Malaysia. But When she quitted matriculation, thats is 1 month before she departed to Egypt. And realising that, i started to think of all the things that we've been through together, our tears and joy, our love and hate, our every single moment.

The night she departed to Egypt, i really wanna go to KLIA to send her and see her for the last time before she go. But sadly i got final exams on that week. Nothing more can be done. now i regretted myself for telling her to go to Egypt when she's in dilemma. but i tell myself that she needs Egypt. Thats her future. so there she go. Alhamdulillah, she's doing fine there. and plus, she never forget her friends. that is more than enough for me. as long as she keep in touch with me.

During the revolution of Egypt, My heart wont stop beating. My mind wont stop spinning thinking of her. would she be safe or not? im really scared of losing a bestfriend ever. Alhamdulillah, she's fine and eventually back to Malaysia. Thank You Allah.

Lastly, I hope that she''ll be fine in everything that she do. i know she's such a great girl. And she's a girl with a big heart and high spirit. I'll pray for her. Hoping that she'll gain success in her life.

And to You Huda, i missed you, and i always thinked of things that we've been through together. Till we meet Again. I love you, Datin :')

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