Monday, April 11, 2011

Is it true this time?

   So here's a kinda jiwang post. Not to say jiwang, but it relates to something that people call LOVE. I know most of the guys never talk about this openly. I mean, to express what they feel, to show that they're in love. But today i think im gonna do that. Imma talk bout love. Not to say that i wrote this just for fun but there's always a reason for something we do right?

   Lemme tell you bout this one girl. People always talk about the divineness of love at first sight. But is it true that they are divine? How if we fell in love to that person only after few years knowing them? it can be divine, too right? Im not a kind of romantic guy who can write about love easily. I really don't know how to. 

   As days passing me by, there's something that makes me fall for her and day by day the feelings grow even more. Honestly, I know im not a perfect guy for a girl to be with. I know im not a good guy for a girl to spend her life with. I can't promise anything for the girl im in love with. So what can i do to make her love me? Thats it, im not good looking, need to put off some weight and need to change so many things about myself. My bestfriend, Fiona told me that i need to look for a girl that can accept me for who i am, not because i have a car, not because im good looking, not because of any single good deeds that i can offer. But just because it is me. And she told me that when i found someone who loves me for who i am, thats the one who were meant to be with me.

   After taking my time thinking of what she said, i started to realise that she's true. But my mind wont stop thinking how would i win the girl's heart if she's a shining star and being adored by so many guys? And me here is just another guy, nothing special that can compete with guys out there who might be much better than me? Im not being down to earth, neither losing my confidence of myself but im realising the truth. But i really adore this one girl and i dunno what to do in order to make she fall for me.

   All i can say is, I think im now in love, erm not to say so but i think i started into liking someone after so long. I don;t think i'll care of how she reacts towards me later. But i'll be starting to create plans in order to win her heart. Though i might fail in the end, but atleast i tried :)

   She's perfect. But who knows she might be responding to me positively? i wont give up on trying. Dear World! AIMANRISHAM is currently IN LOVE! (oh come on, i know this is kinda lame, but i dunno how to express my feelings. to those who read this, wish me luck. And to those who thinks that she's the one im talkin about, i love you) 

InsyaAllah i will update on this from time to time. God, I never been this crazy before since The Girl I love went far away. Help me this time. Amiinn :)

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