Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Glorious Night :)

1.00 a.m - I was still sitting on the chair in my room, thinking of how i can watch the big game of Manchester United vs Chelsea. Im a fucking die hard fans of The Red Devils, of course. 

1.20 a.m - Still on the chair, in front of my laptop. To see if i can watch the match online. but then i realised that im using hacked wifi of the university. and the line is not that fast. plus it keeps disconnecting too. Then i think, its not worth it to sacrifice my sleep just to watch the live broadcast of the match that i know it will be buffering like hell. 

2.00 a.m - Watching Apek and Aimi play Pro Evolution Soccer. Manchester United vs Chelsea. Damn, this makes me crave for the match even more! i need to think fast. i left them playing the game while thinking that there must be a way to watch it live on the screen without the broadcast buffering like fuck. 

2.40 a.m - This is just 5 minutes before the kick-off. Before that i chatted with Wak Don and asked him whether he'll be watchin the match. and he said he'll sure be watching it at the warung. i asked him, did he climbed up the fence of his university. he said no, because he stays in a rented house. damn, he's fucking lucky. after that, i don't care of anything else, i asked Apek whether he wanna go with me, climb the fence and go watch the match at mcD. He said he got no problem with that. I then called Ashmeer and asked him whether he wants to join us. He can't coz he got LawSoc Exam the very next morning. I asked him Saddiq's number as i know that Saddiq is a fan of the Devil too. I called Saddiq and he said he's coming. 

3.15 a.m - The three of us then arrived at McD. of course, there were so many people there, including some foreigners that supports Chelsea. We watch the match calmly. And screaming like hell when Chicharito scored. Half time break then takes place. we benefit that time to buy some food as we're so hungry at that moment. We watched second half kick-off while eating. Then our heart almost stop beating when Drogba scored a goal. But the uneasy feeling didnt last long when Park Ji Sung scored another goal in the same minute of 77'. Hell Yeah! Im so proud to be Asian man. Park Ji Sung is awesome. thanks Ferguson for Sending Nani off to change with Valencia and not Park Ji Sung. 

4.45 a.m - The three of us walked back to UIA with a big smile. Its really worth it even to climb the fence just to watch the match. And now here i am, writing this post as a sign of happiness and proudness!


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