Friday, August 20, 2010

First Post Ever

Ok fine.i think its time for me to start blogging.It had never crossed my mind to hope that people will somehow read my blog and i dont fucking care about it at all.

A lil bit introduction of the owner of the blog :

He was born as a male,on 921011,the first child of His Father And Mother.

Stubborn and never obeyed the rules.
His trademark is late,anything that got to do with the word LATE.
He woke up late,take a bath late,eat late,come to class late and sleep late.

He is not a good guy at all and sometimes finds himself as a useless person.
But somehow he realized that he is very lucky and blessed as the god still let him live.

He tried to be nice to everyone,he tried to be everyone's friend.And he knows that he'll fail.And yes,he did failed.No one will ever succeed to be everyone's friend.There's always be haters everywhere.

The owner of this blog also have his haters.And he had never fucking care of the haters.But deep inside his heart,he keeps grudge and always dream to bash those haters on their face.

Its okay to hate me for something reasonable.But without reasons,Ur hopeless and ur a loser man.
I dun fucking care about you.Its not the end of the world yet if you dont want to be my friend.I dun want it too,motherfucker!

Thats all for now,anyway,forgive me for those bad words.And forgive me for this immature writings.


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